Welcome to Carsner Farms.

We (or our chickens) produce all natural and chemical free products.   (We have not had the time or drive
to go through formal Organic certification and the associated paperwork.  Maybe someday...)  

We have pasture raised chicken, for meat and eggs, that are supplemented with a non-GMO feed.  (We now have ducks too!)  The feed is Ohio grown and processed.   We also specialize in produce in the warmer months.  We plant heirloom varieties and research our seed throughly to stay away from supporting Monsanto and GMO.

We are located in Morrow County Ohio and you can only find us at the Worthington Farmer's Market.

Tracy also has a passion for "clean living" and has worked to minimize the pthalates, parabens and sulfates in our home.  It has taken years but we can tell a difference.  We decided to start
the web site since so many people at the market ask how garden, treat pests , detox the home, ....  There is so much information out there that we are compiling it here in one easy to
reference web site.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please use the contact form email us directly and share.

                        Don and Tracy

Updates:  Added complimentary gardening plants in the Garden and Home Detox Info page ...  6/13/14
Removed Contact Form until I can get it fixed ... 12/21/14
Added Winter Market dates to the Events / Calendar page ... 12/21/14
Some photos from around the farm....
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